Saturday, December 29, 2007

How to Spend a Friday Afternoon

This is what can happen on a mild winter day with no obligations, a pony and a long driveway. Let this be a lesson in foolishness and just plain fun -- or whatever you want.

Riding our well-fed pony, PepperJack, is our trainer, Barb Anderson. (The hay is tasty at Caille Farm -- we may have to rename him PlumperJack)

Falling out of the sled is Barb Taylor, our favorite Texas ex-patriate. I told her to half-halt, but did she listen? At least she only fell an inch ... Angus is worried. As always.

Good thing she got the hang of it -- it's a long driveway!

In the home stretch ...

... and laughing so hard, the geldings woke up.

Where's the knitting? I made the hat:

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