Monday, March 7, 2011

A Bind Off Requires a Cast On or Two

Finishing Mr. Denney's sweater left me nearly giddy with options for what to do next. Most urgently, there is the Gaelic Mist, which, um, I can't find. How bad is that?!? Normally, I would be a bit panicked, but it will show up. And then, there's the perpetual project — the red Jo Sharp vest, which technically is not withering on the vine because i do want to finish it, but it sort of is. I really dread sewing that collar/front panel. Dunno why, really, other than that it will take forever. It certainly shouldn't be difficult. So, opting for the path of least resistance — oh, come on, you do it, too — I cast on for two/II/2/ii/ sweaters. The first, the V-neck pullover from Knitting Pure and Simple. The yarn, purchased here, is soooo nice. I know what you're thinking. It is not gray. It's navy:

The second cast on? Hamish, from this book, which I can't find anywhere on the Rowan site. There are several lovely, gotta have 'em patterns in this book, and thanks to LaurieM, who sent me a few leftovers a couple years ago, I am finally getting started. For some reason, there were passersby when I was trying to take pictures:

This last photo best represents the colors. I am going to try the blue/grey as a thin stripe around the hems and near the bottom of the body.

What do you think? Suggestions welcome!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

In the Pink

The good news is that Mr. Denney's sweater has not fallen apart. The better news is that I liberated another set of needles over the weekend. This:

Became this. Or, uh, these:

I promised to send them to my favorite college student, but they're pretty swell, and I'm tempted to keep 'em. The pattern is available here and also on Ravelry. The pattern calls for size 8 needles, but I used 6s, perhaps because I didn't have my glasses on when I cast on? I can't say for sure. They knit up nicely, regardless. The only intentional change I made, and this is pretty small beans, was to use a lifted increase instead of the M1 for the thumb gussets. If I make another pair (and I like them well enough to do that, by the way), I might change how the main cable ends. The yarn is Malabrigo worsted, which I got on sale here, one of the two swell yarn shops within five minutes of my house. The model? My favorite high school sophomore. Thanks, Laurel! Love you! Now, go finish your homework.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Scenes from a Snowy Day

Last week, while certain someones -- Barb! Ruth! Lynette! -- were frolicking in Scottsdale at the Arab Nationals, I stayed behind and soldiered through another 14 inches of fresh snow. I can complain about the weather with the best of them, but there is nothing else like a crisp, sunny winter day:

Queen Keltie, in repose:

A mysterious heap o' snow in paddock 3. There was absolutely no clue how that got there:

Mickey, missing Ruth desperately. cough.

And Finnegan, thinking that maybe I'd forgotten to take his picture:

Christmas in March

It took long enough, but it's done! Woot! Woot! The tardy Lopi sweater! I overshot on the sleeves a little, but Mr. Denney will just have to cuff them. I'm not ripping. He doesn't seem to mind. In fact, I think he likes how it turned out. Now, just turn down the wattage of that smile, woodja?

Here is today's Henry photo, at no extra charge. He loved napping as close to the working portion of the sleeves as he could:

Ah, March ...

I thought it would never get here. March, that is -- not that the next cold blast will pay any attention to the calendar. Neither did a copy editor, apparently. Or maybe next week really will be peculiar:

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