Monday, July 18, 2011

How Hot Is It?

In case you haven't heard, it's hot. It's humid. It's beyond humid. No kidding, it's steamy:

Behind the fog is some Sulka, a single-ply from Mirasol, one of two recent (small) cheats on this summer's yarn diet. It's on sale, so how I could resist? This is what it looked like before the humidity and before it visited the ballwinder:

It's lovely and I can't stop squeezing it. And, it matches Kitten's eyes.

Four hanks -- about 55 yards each -- should be quite enough for a cowl, this one, in fact. One skein into it and I could be in love. Think Lopi gone uptown.

Equally uptown is Rowan's Cocoon. It was another departure from the yarn diet -- yes, again -- but it was just a couple of skeins. (Don't start with me. Two skeins is not 10-plus, which is what I'd get for a sweater) It raced through its WIP phase and is quite happy as a hat. Moon, from Kim Hargreaves' "Cherished."

The only reason I blocked it was to flatten out and accentuate the pattern. I had no idea it would get even softer! Kitten was most pleased with the result:

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Somewhat Knitting Related ...

Two links came across my screen lately that are worth sharing. The first builds the case that sheep aren't dumb.

The second is today's dose of cleverness. Because a sense of humor is always appreciated. No squinting.

This is included here because I was sitting on the back step when I saw it and took a break from my knitting to get it into a vase:

Aubrey's Sweater

The neighbors had a baby about a month ago, so of course, they were the target of recent enthusiasm. Some Calmer -- you say kiwi, I say apple green -- had been taunting me at the shop, and at last! A Genuinely Legitimate Reason to break this summer's yarn diet! It was nice in the hand, minimal snagging, just a bit of stretch. Yum. And, it was perfect for my go-to, most-excellent pattern.

Knitting rarely goes without incident, and this time was no different. No names, of course, but a certain knitter forgot to put in the buttonhole. Thank heaven for large snaps, just sayin'. In addition, it didn't occur to said unnamed knitter -- whose own babies could only be described as, well, jumbo -- that this baby might be tiny, er, normal. In other words, this is a big baby sweater. Or a big-baby sweater. Hyphenate or not, your choice.

Anyway, little Aubrey might be 2 or 3 before she doesn't drown in it.
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