Monday, July 18, 2011

How Hot Is It?

In case you haven't heard, it's hot. It's humid. It's beyond humid. No kidding, it's steamy:

Behind the fog is some Sulka, a single-ply from Mirasol, one of two recent (small) cheats on this summer's yarn diet. It's on sale, so how I could resist? This is what it looked like before the humidity and before it visited the ballwinder:

It's lovely and I can't stop squeezing it. And, it matches Kitten's eyes.

Four hanks -- about 55 yards each -- should be quite enough for a cowl, this one, in fact. One skein into it and I could be in love. Think Lopi gone uptown.

Equally uptown is Rowan's Cocoon. It was another departure from the yarn diet -- yes, again -- but it was just a couple of skeins. (Don't start with me. Two skeins is not 10-plus, which is what I'd get for a sweater) It raced through its WIP phase and is quite happy as a hat. Moon, from Kim Hargreaves' "Cherished."

The only reason I blocked it was to flatten out and accentuate the pattern. I had no idea it would get even softer! Kitten was most pleased with the result:

1 comment:

woolyjooly said...

Lovely, Ruth! I guess I'm not the only one knitting wool hats in the July heat/humidity!

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