Monday, March 29, 2010

Where Can He Be?

Please come home, Boing. Please.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I Love This!

This YouTube clip has been making the rounds. It's charming:

What a ton of work — here's a warm round of applause to the creators.
Want to see how it was made?

Catchin' a Wave -- Too Cute!

I wouldn't have believed this, had I not seen it. They're soft, sweet, adorable and ... very brave. I love these little guys even more. I'd like to know the man's story. Is this his pet?

Monday, March 22, 2010

Still Lifes (Lives?) With Pets ...

... Or: All right. Everybody outside while I try to take these pictures. The first is called "Tank Top with Kitten Foot":

It is going to be another sample for the shop, a Nashua tank top. I'm using their Creative Focus Linen (50-50 linen and cotton) instead of their 100 percent cotton, which has gotten, uh, mixed reviews.

Project No. 2 is "Cable Braid Scarf with Nosy Puppy":

This was (is still) my unofficial Winter Olympics knitting project. Using a shop pattern from All About Yarn, it uses four skeins of Rowan's Kid Classic, strands held double, so net yardage is two skeins (huh?). I will probably get one more skein and work from both ends to make it a titch longer; nitpicky me might make it a bit wider next time, but I'm sticking with the Kid Classic. Yum. This is also very nice worked single strand with Big Wool or a similar super bulky.

Isn't he just about the cutest thing? (Don't tell Henry I said that)

He was tied outside the auction barn in Hinckley a couple Saturdays ago. I'd tagged along with the horse trainer, who was trying to sell a pair of saddles. I didn't buy him — or anything else, for that matter — but someone did. $32.50 and ... sold! I have to say that there is a whole lot of cr*p at these gatherings, but there were a few gems, too: a brand new Carhartt jacket comes to mind. Mostly what I was thinking, however, was why hadn't I brought a little project along?

Monday, March 15, 2010

A Quick Trip to Florida

This little outing came up rather quickly a few weeks ago. Mom has Parkinson's disease and, for whatever reason, it was giving her more problems than usual, so my parents decided to come home from St. Petersburg early this year. They were under some time pressure to get home for a doctor's appointment, and they asked my sister and I to help them close their little place for the season.

They have the ritual down to a very exacting routine, actually, from emptying the fridge — "leave the beer for Fred. He likes that kind" — to slipping the panels behind the sliding door — it helps reflect the summer heat — to leaving small pans of kitty litter all over the apartment -- apparently it helps absorb moisture. It works for cats, so why not?

It wasn't all about vacuuming and covering furniture. We had a day to get the short tour of some of their favorite haunts. This bridge will haunt me, that's for sure:

We were already on the water, four lanes of traffic, and we weren't even at the bridge. I stayed calm and didn't throw up. I stayed calm and didn't throw up. I stayed calm and ... We crossed it coming and going to Ellenton Outlets, where I did a wee bit of shopping at the Birkenstocks store (the best part — the clerk didn't smirk when I told her what size).

Of course, we stopped at the beach -- Madeira Beach, about 10 minutes from their place. This is my sister — we both were a little stunned that we were actually here, barefoot on powder sugar sand.

This is me — maybe those smirking clerks have every right to purse their tight little lips. I do have big feet!

I like these pictures of Mom and Dad. Get a load of the bare-chested wonder in the background. It was a cool, 50-55 degree day; even us Northerners had a jacket on.

And, one can't hardly go to the beach and then not bore others with pictures of the water. ...

You're welcome.
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