Monday, March 22, 2010

Still Lifes (Lives?) With Pets ...

... Or: All right. Everybody outside while I try to take these pictures. The first is called "Tank Top with Kitten Foot":

It is going to be another sample for the shop, a Nashua tank top. I'm using their Creative Focus Linen (50-50 linen and cotton) instead of their 100 percent cotton, which has gotten, uh, mixed reviews.

Project No. 2 is "Cable Braid Scarf with Nosy Puppy":

This was (is still) my unofficial Winter Olympics knitting project. Using a shop pattern from All About Yarn, it uses four skeins of Rowan's Kid Classic, strands held double, so net yardage is two skeins (huh?). I will probably get one more skein and work from both ends to make it a titch longer; nitpicky me might make it a bit wider next time, but I'm sticking with the Kid Classic. Yum. This is also very nice worked single strand with Big Wool or a similar super bulky.

Isn't he just about the cutest thing? (Don't tell Henry I said that)

He was tied outside the auction barn in Hinckley a couple Saturdays ago. I'd tagged along with the horse trainer, who was trying to sell a pair of saddles. I didn't buy him — or anything else, for that matter — but someone did. $32.50 and ... sold! I have to say that there is a whole lot of cr*p at these gatherings, but there were a few gems, too: a brand new Carhartt jacket comes to mind. Mostly what I was thinking, however, was why hadn't I brought a little project along?

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