Thursday, November 27, 2008

Dumb. Struck.

No, not the throngs waiting for the yarn shop to open. It was just after midnight this (Friday) morning in Albertville, along Cty. Rd. 37, (top) backed up for nearly a mile onto I-94 (above). Shoppers headed for the outlet mall. At! Midnight!

Full disclosure: I saw a nice coat last weekend and thought I'd go back tonight and pick it up, take advantage of the night owl 20 percent off. What the heck. I'm up and wide awake anyway. So, I trundled the dogs into the car — let's go for a ride, boys! —and off we went. I knew it would be busy, but [insert hysterical laughter here] clearly I had no idea! As I drove past the mall itself, I thought there had been a bad traffic accident, what with all the flashing lights — it was traffic control! For blocks and blocks. In the middle of so-called nowhere. I didn't get any pictures of the people overflowing the sidewalks, laughing and having a good time balancing bags and large cups of coffee.

Pick a reaction, any reaction, or any combination:

Boy, I am way more clueless than I thought.
This is pretty funny.
This is somewhat appalling.
Good for them, enjoy the adventure.
What are all these people doing out at midnight -- for shopping?
What recession?
Where are they all going to park? (the main lots were already closed)
Poor Thanksgiving.

But I still want that coat.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Going to the Dogs

Actually, it's me and the dogs! For the weekend, anyway. Mr.D and my two favorite children left yesterday after school to visit Mamaw in Ohio for Thanksgiving. Seeing as how we didn't make it out during the summer, we felt it was important that they get to spend this holiday there. The prospect of a weekend with mom is not having much effect. Look how excited the pups are, one with his bone, the other on his skankie blankie:

Here on the homefront, there's work, dinner on Thursday with my parents, sister and brother, a bit of barn time, some peace and quiet and of course ... knitting! Remember this, once destined to become a Little Rivers wrap?

It came out of the frog pond when I cast on a couple nights ago for the Gaelic Mist sweater out of A Fine Fleece. I hope to make some headway on it this weekend. I'm also grinding out a sheet of stockinette, which will land in the FO collection as a felted pillow. The yarn is some Mooncake, a Malabrigo knock-off that I bought during a going-out-of-business sale over the summer. This project's weakness is also its strength: sometimes very brainless knitting is just right. And you know what? I'm already planning a second one, out of a lovely soft white, perhaps with some needlefelting.

Speaking of projects, here's one. A Debbie Bliss baby sweater, out of Dream in Color Classy, worsted weight superwash. I posted it on Ravelry last week, but here it is again:

By the way, seeing as how tomorrow is Thanksgiving. What are you grateful for?

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Do You See What I See?

I have no idea why the photos are in black and white, but at least they're a bit out of focus. I'm on a streak. Let's call them 'arty':

Look Who Came to Visit!


Unfortunately, she left this morning on her zillion-hour flight back to Tokyo. But she was here for a week — and we did our best to see that she had a good time.

We rode, too, of course. Not many action shots – those are in Tomoko's camera! – these are blurry, but useable. Who took them, anyway. Honestly.

Niamh was he only one who might have been happy to see her go home – Tomoko rode some of the starch out of her. heh-heh-heh.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Quick! Get the Candles!

No, not that many!

Here's to my blogging companion and a talented, dogged journalist. Join in, if you'd like:

Happy Birthday, to you!
Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday deeear Paaaaa-ammmmmmm,
Happy Birthday to youuuuu!

You're grand. Now. Did you cut that story yet?

A Little Day Trip

I was a little late getting on the road yesterday morning, but at least one of my favorite places is only a couple hours away:

I drove up because one of my favorite children played in an honor band in the afternoon at UMD (my other favorite child was home getting ready for her birthday sleepover). I got to town plenty early for the concert, but not with quite enough time to make it to Playing With Yarn. So, I puttered around by the water for awhile, and then headed up the hill toward campus. The park bathrooms are locked for the season; take your chances with the porta-potty. Consider yourself warned.

Happily, there was time for a little lunch next door to Yarn Harbor, where I didn't get to spend nearly enough time. I picked up a few issues of that fabulous magazine, Wild Fibers, but nevertheless, I think a return visit might be necessary. After all, I only made it halfway around the store!

Back at the lake, I walked over to give my regards to Leif and there was the oddest little thing. I suppose that one of the downsides of sailing west for months on end is that the sun is always in the eyes. Another might be the risk of being immortalized vaguely squinting:

When I was a kid, we spent hours on this piece of shore, throwing rocks into the water and ignoring my mom's warnings to be careful. It looks the same, but I appreciate it differently now.

I also brought along my good intentions:

but was only able to cast on and barely get started before the concert. When it grows up, it should resemble a Debbie Bliss sweater. I worked on it for awhile after getting home and it looks like it will be finished before baby outgrows it.

That's Rachmaninoff in the middle. Lizst and Mozart were the wingmen, but they declined to be photographed.
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