Thursday, November 27, 2008

Dumb. Struck.

No, not the throngs waiting for the yarn shop to open. It was just after midnight this (Friday) morning in Albertville, along Cty. Rd. 37, (top) backed up for nearly a mile onto I-94 (above). Shoppers headed for the outlet mall. At! Midnight!

Full disclosure: I saw a nice coat last weekend and thought I'd go back tonight and pick it up, take advantage of the night owl 20 percent off. What the heck. I'm up and wide awake anyway. So, I trundled the dogs into the car — let's go for a ride, boys! —and off we went. I knew it would be busy, but [insert hysterical laughter here] clearly I had no idea! As I drove past the mall itself, I thought there had been a bad traffic accident, what with all the flashing lights — it was traffic control! For blocks and blocks. In the middle of so-called nowhere. I didn't get any pictures of the people overflowing the sidewalks, laughing and having a good time balancing bags and large cups of coffee.

Pick a reaction, any reaction, or any combination:

Boy, I am way more clueless than I thought.
This is pretty funny.
This is somewhat appalling.
Good for them, enjoy the adventure.
What are all these people doing out at midnight -- for shopping?
What recession?
Where are they all going to park? (the main lots were already closed)
Poor Thanksgiving.

But I still want that coat.

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