Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A New Dog Toy

What could possibly be better than a kong with peanut butter? A woodpile with a chipmunk:

They do this for huge stretches of time.

It has never occurred to either one of them to jump the fence and visit with Titan, the dog next door.

The woodpile is getting a little ragged looking and Henry tends to lose his head.

But, try as they might, Chippie always wins.

Friday, September 9, 2011

AzGym's Turn to Sparkle

Everyone's favorite Grandpa horse had his turn to shine last weekend, when he delivered the groom to his wedding at the Hindu temple in Maple Grove. Yes, he's wearing the headpiece upside down -- it was way too big and he couldn't see, so we spun it around. No one seemed to notice or care. A quick test drive to make sure he wouldn't mind his new clothes and that lurking umbrella:

Check and ... check. Next up? Load the groom. It was a bit easier said than done, but we made it. A last-minute addition of earplugs -- loud music! fireworks! -- and off they went.

For being such a good boy, he got a little extra grain in his bucket when he got home.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Pure and Simple, Another Sweater

Clearly the yarn still looks gray, but I swear it's still navy. And, it's been reconfigured into this sweater, which has been done for a month or so, but I, uh, forgot about it. I know. What kind of knitter forgets about a sweater. One who finishes it during the 95-degree, 95-percent humidity days of July, apparently.

No extra charge for the silly model, who was a good sport in agreeing to pose mid-hairstyle! Even she noticed how nice the yarn felt, especially after it had been blocked, when it got even softer and more against-the-skin friendly. The next time I use this pattern, I will make the V deeper than written -- ventilation being an utmost priority these days. ahem ... -- but it fits its recipient flawlessly, which is what counts. Also in the done pile? This:

Is now this! I love it!

Even Mr. Denney noticed ... and asked for his own. Not being a bright-green kind of guy, he quickly added that he'd rather have gray. Or brown. Have I mentioned that he is the King of brown and gray? He will have to wait because I've recently dove into this wee assortment of Rowan yumminess:

We'll see what happens.
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