Friday, September 9, 2011

AzGym's Turn to Sparkle

Everyone's favorite Grandpa horse had his turn to shine last weekend, when he delivered the groom to his wedding at the Hindu temple in Maple Grove. Yes, he's wearing the headpiece upside down -- it was way too big and he couldn't see, so we spun it around. No one seemed to notice or care. A quick test drive to make sure he wouldn't mind his new clothes and that lurking umbrella:

Check and ... check. Next up? Load the groom. It was a bit easier said than done, but we made it. A last-minute addition of earplugs -- loud music! fireworks! -- and off they went.

For being such a good boy, he got a little extra grain in his bucket when he got home.

1 comment:

LaurieM said...

How exciting!

Riding up to be married on a "white" horse... how romantic.

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