Thursday, September 3, 2009

It's Fair Time!

It's one of the most enjoyable evenings of the year, when we go to the Fair. I told someone the other day that it is kinda like a date, only I don't get nervous. We took a round trip on the Sky Ride this year:

We might miss a few things, but we never miss a stop here. These are the best!

It's the Fair. Of course we found one of these. Note the little sign that reads "No Transfats used here." Does anyone in line look concerned?

The keeper of the camera tripped and nearly disappeared into these, the largest hostas on the planet:

This is why people go to the Fair. After making the rounds, it's time to rest the bones, kibbitz and linger. Summer will be over too soon.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

It's a Good Thing They're Cute

Remember this?

It's, um, not that long anymore. Imagine my surprise -- well, not really -- when a HUGE loop appeared on one side, about 6 inches down. Sigh. So, I did what had to be done ... it's nearly all reknit, in fact. And, it wasn't as if it was difficult knitting. It's just YOs, for heaven's sake. Requires a little counting, but that's about it. The likely culprits don't seem to have much to say about it.

The puppy is the newest addition to the zoo that is my house. He's a miniature wire-haired dachshund, about 4 months old now. Henry seems pretty big already to be a miniature anything, so I've been calling him my Tweenie Wienie. He has a bad case of cute:

Yes, there's some cat hair on the dog fleece. That makes me smile:

I gotta thank WoolyJooly for this link. Stunning. Simply stunning.
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