Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Good Thing He's Cute ...

It was bound to happen. Mr. "You Gonna Eat That?" developed a taste for bamboo on Saturday night. Size 2.75mm Crystal Palace double points, to be exact. The perp (a bit out of focus):

The victim, which you might recognize from a kit from Arnhild, which I bought several years ago at Yarnover. Poor thing might be wishing it had stayed lost in my desk drawer at work. It's currently on life support:

The needles? I'm afraid they've taken on an alternative life form ...

Later Saturday night, everyone arrived home from Ohio, road weary and tired. I wasn't the only one who perked up when the garage opened.

By the way? Hug your kids. Hard.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Yes, I'm Sure ...

Spring is officially here. How do I know?

All fresh, and it's still coming down. Spring has sprung, you betcha.

Monday, March 17, 2008

I'm Detecting a Theme

First, this orange yarn:

Then, this orange yarn:

Then, these orange flowers:

What's with all this orange? A color I do not usually gravitate to, except in the last several days, apparently -- go figure.

The first, some stash enhancement of Duotone Bulky from Blue Sky Alpacas. Enough to make a small bulky cardigan from Knitting Pure and Simple, but not quite enough for my size. I will have to think of how to add a contrast color that doesn't scream "she didn't have enough yarn!"

The second, more stash enhancement, is Blue Sky's Suri Merino -- and I have no idea what it might become. I'm sure it will announce itself.

The third item? Flowers from the grocery -- I thought they might look nice in that vase.

And now ... back to my regularly scheduled knitting. It's green.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Bye, Kids! Have a Good Week!

Dave and the girls left yesterday for Ohio to spend spring break with Mamaw and Aunt Donna (hi, everyone!). They hunkered down and made the drive (13 hours-plus) in one haul. Makes for a long day, but it gets them more time to visit. I was not worried about them, but relieved nevertheless when they called and said they were there.

What did I do with my day? After spending the afternoon with Barb T. in Stillwater, enjoying the March sun, the shops and a little bit of lunch, it was time to put the house in order:

Bills paid? Check.
Bathrooms clean? Check.
Kitchen floor clean? Check.
Knitting ready and waiting? Check!
House waaaay too quiet?


Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Spring – One of My Favorite 'S' Words

February, already the longest 18 months on the calendar (don't let those 29 days fool you), intruded two weeks into March this year. Knowing full well that winter and spring will thumb-wrestle for the next six weeks, we can at least hope that the below-zero days are behind us. Way behind us.

Spring clearly had the upper hand today -- and what better place to spend it but at the barn. Join me.

Light streaming in through wide-open doors:

Snow melting insistently off the roof ...

... heading for points unknown:

Angus, warming his puppy bones and getting a jumpstart on this season's tan:

And the locals, working on, well, not too much, I guess:

Sunday, March 9, 2008

And Now, Something Totally Different ...

From me, the queen of all things brown and gray, comes this sunny little diversion:

Is that too cute or what? It's to be part of the spring window over at the shop. It went together very quickly -- had life's daily interruptions not intruded, I could have made it in one or two evenings, counting sewing the seams. And besides, what else would you expect with knitting that's 48 stitches at its widest point? The yarn is Blue Sky Alpacas' Dyed Cotton; the pattern is also from Blue Sky, it's their Baby Hoodie. The doll is Kit, one of the American Girl dolls pulled out of Laurel's closet. (Sorry about the avalanche, honey ...)

I wish I would have had some knitting along last night when I went to the high school with the girls to watch the
drum line competition. I had never seen this kind of thing before -- a lot of symbolic (cymbalic?) theatrics that eluded me, I confess. The kids were remarkably efficient setting up and cleaning up after each performance, but I couldn't stop thinking about how I could've been working on my seed-stitch/cable sweater at the same time. Consumer tip: Reconsider plans to attend such a function if you've been popping Excedrin all day. Ask me how I know.

While I was dragging my feet this afternoon instead of getting ready for work, I kept stepping over this guy, and realized he was doing exactly what one should do on a Sunday afternoon:

That Riley, he's one smart English Shedder.

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