Monday, March 17, 2008

I'm Detecting a Theme

First, this orange yarn:

Then, this orange yarn:

Then, these orange flowers:

What's with all this orange? A color I do not usually gravitate to, except in the last several days, apparently -- go figure.

The first, some stash enhancement of Duotone Bulky from Blue Sky Alpacas. Enough to make a small bulky cardigan from Knitting Pure and Simple, but not quite enough for my size. I will have to think of how to add a contrast color that doesn't scream "she didn't have enough yarn!"

The second, more stash enhancement, is Blue Sky's Suri Merino -- and I have no idea what it might become. I'm sure it will announce itself.

The third item? Flowers from the grocery -- I thought they might look nice in that vase.

And now ... back to my regularly scheduled knitting. It's green.

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