Sunday, March 9, 2008

And Now, Something Totally Different ...

From me, the queen of all things brown and gray, comes this sunny little diversion:

Is that too cute or what? It's to be part of the spring window over at the shop. It went together very quickly -- had life's daily interruptions not intruded, I could have made it in one or two evenings, counting sewing the seams. And besides, what else would you expect with knitting that's 48 stitches at its widest point? The yarn is Blue Sky Alpacas' Dyed Cotton; the pattern is also from Blue Sky, it's their Baby Hoodie. The doll is Kit, one of the American Girl dolls pulled out of Laurel's closet. (Sorry about the avalanche, honey ...)

I wish I would have had some knitting along last night when I went to the high school with the girls to watch the
drum line competition. I had never seen this kind of thing before -- a lot of symbolic (cymbalic?) theatrics that eluded me, I confess. The kids were remarkably efficient setting up and cleaning up after each performance, but I couldn't stop thinking about how I could've been working on my seed-stitch/cable sweater at the same time. Consumer tip: Reconsider plans to attend such a function if you've been popping Excedrin all day. Ask me how I know.

While I was dragging my feet this afternoon instead of getting ready for work, I kept stepping over this guy, and realized he was doing exactly what one should do on a Sunday afternoon:

That Riley, he's one smart English Shedder.

1 comment:

woolyjooly said...

Ohfercute. both the doll sweater and Riley! What does Excedrin do? I never take it . .

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