Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Meet the Disco Girls

We eat. We drink. We laugh. We get put in a back room at the restaurant. I swear I saw a short straw in the waiter's shirt pocket on Saturday when the Disco Girls gathered for a Christmas brunch and free-for-all.

It's always fun to see everyone again. This year, in light of everything sad and wretched at work, it was even better. We hit it all: whose kid is driving (mine!), whose kids are in college (Nancy's), who's been burning up her passport (Carol!), who's been writing another book, traditional (Peg) or online (Sherrie). Did we switch candidates during the campaign? Where were we on Election Night? Sharon's pictures of her six months in England made the rounds:

Ask Judy about the pink acrylic mink on her collar. Rarely seen in the wild, they are even more rarely seen around the necks of women of a certain age. I'm just sayin' ...

This year's roll call: Carol, Becka, Peg, Sharon*, Sherrie, Sue, Nancy, Judy, Dana and me, sitting at a left corner of the table, like the well-trained left-hander that I am. It also made it easier to photograph these lovely bits. I declined, lest the petit fours became petit forever on my hips.

Oh yes. We always pass the hat for our favorite charity. I'm pleased that we've made the world a better place by one llama, a goat, some chicks, some bees and a portion of a knitting basket. Pass it on.

*thanks for organizing again -- you're grand!

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