Tuesday, December 16, 2008

First Cold Snap of the Season

It's here, certainly only the first of several this winter. An Arctic cold front, when at 1 in the morning, you don't mind looking like a Guindon cartoon. It does make the walk to the mailbox somewhat entertaining — you get to waddle AND make alot of noise. week week week week ... nothing there but frost, the streetlight and frozen tracks from the mail truck:

week week week week ... back up the driveway and it was a little less cold for a moment. This ratty little thing,

which spends its summers getting banged around in the garage, is my favorite Christmas decoration and makes me smile every time I see it. My very own Charlie Brown tree.

In one of those happy little time warps, I have a bit of time to plink away tonight on my new love, my Gaelic Mist sweater from A Fine Fleece. My very large swatch, a k a the first sleeve, is almost done:

I do not know what the temperature is right now, but I do know that it is the perfect temperature for knitting. Think warm thoughts and purl back. ...


woolyjooly said...

good reason to stay home and knit again today, Ruth! Blowing snow, another blizzard warning . . Your Gaelic Mist looks divine. I hope I can finish at least 4 of my 2008 UFOs before 2009 starts . .
Merry Christmas,

Terri B said...

I wish is could knit, but I am challenged being left handed.

We have had Artic cold here in Indiana too. I saw diamonds in the sky on Sunday. Beautiful.

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