Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Aubrey's Sweater

The neighbors had a baby about a month ago, so of course, they were the target of recent enthusiasm. Some Calmer -- you say kiwi, I say apple green -- had been taunting me at the shop, and at last! A Genuinely Legitimate Reason to break this summer's yarn diet! It was nice in the hand, minimal snagging, just a bit of stretch. Yum. And, it was perfect for my go-to, most-excellent pattern.

Knitting rarely goes without incident, and this time was no different. No names, of course, but a certain knitter forgot to put in the buttonhole. Thank heaven for large snaps, just sayin'. In addition, it didn't occur to said unnamed knitter -- whose own babies could only be described as, well, jumbo -- that this baby might be tiny, er, normal. In other words, this is a big baby sweater. Or a big-baby sweater. Hyphenate or not, your choice.

Anyway, little Aubrey might be 2 or 3 before she doesn't drown in it.

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