Monday, March 7, 2011

A Bind Off Requires a Cast On or Two

Finishing Mr. Denney's sweater left me nearly giddy with options for what to do next. Most urgently, there is the Gaelic Mist, which, um, I can't find. How bad is that?!? Normally, I would be a bit panicked, but it will show up. And then, there's the perpetual project — the red Jo Sharp vest, which technically is not withering on the vine because i do want to finish it, but it sort of is. I really dread sewing that collar/front panel. Dunno why, really, other than that it will take forever. It certainly shouldn't be difficult. So, opting for the path of least resistance — oh, come on, you do it, too — I cast on for two/II/2/ii/ sweaters. The first, the V-neck pullover from Knitting Pure and Simple. The yarn, purchased here, is soooo nice. I know what you're thinking. It is not gray. It's navy:

The second cast on? Hamish, from this book, which I can't find anywhere on the Rowan site. There are several lovely, gotta have 'em patterns in this book, and thanks to LaurieM, who sent me a few leftovers a couple years ago, I am finally getting started. For some reason, there were passersby when I was trying to take pictures:

This last photo best represents the colors. I am going to try the blue/grey as a thin stripe around the hems and near the bottom of the body.

What do you think? Suggestions welcome!

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