Thursday, December 13, 2007

Two for two!

Mere hours after finishing the last of the hats, I dragged out of bed and drove to the barn. After, um, socializing for an hour or so, I even got on a horse! Wasn't anything worth watching, but I walked, trotted and cantered, with a couple of poorly executed leg yields for good measure. Even with a loose girth -- amazing what a person can do when they have no idea. I will be stiff tomorrow.

As for the hats,

they are one tick above bank robber hats, but they should be warm. The pattern was written by Susan Saari, who runs Sisu Designs up in Ely, one of the coolest towns on the planet. As I mentioned earlier, I used Rowan Plaid, which I understand has been discontinued. I hope the girls all like them. I hope their moms don't put them in the dryer.

Tomorrow is my day at the shop. With a week or so left before Christmas, it could be busy with panicked husbands and other significant others streaming in for gift certificates. I'm glad to help them out, but sometimes I secretly prefer the quiet days when our small group of Friday afternoon regulars can settle in for some knitting, coffee and yarn enabling. We'll miss our one snowbird, who has left for Alabama and days of breezes and rounds of bridge.

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