Monday, December 10, 2007

Hey, Mom!

Two words any mom cringes upon hearing. "Can you make more hats? Like, four?"

Like, OK. But not by Friday.

Over the last few weeks, much knitting have been rescued from the teething jaws of this little guy, who even when not caught in flagrante delicto, is my No. 1 suspect. He might look cute and innocent -- OK, he IS cute and innocent -- but he strikes with lightning efficiency.

A few double points have become no points over the last few weeks, and it appears that one of my cable needles has also made the ultimate sacrifice. The clerks at the LYS are quite happy to see me coming these days. "Oh, we go through alot of needles when our customers get a new puppy!" they said the last time I came in.

But we love him: Gunnar, a k a BabyDog and needle-eater extraordinaire. This boy can hunt -- the picture was taken last month during his first trip to South Dakota. Our English Setter, a rescue dog, is terrified of noise, so his job is to stay home and be handsome. I will have to find a picture of him, too.

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