Friday, January 4, 2008

Am armload of knitting

David, the very patient man he is, took pictures tonight of many of my projects for my infant Ravelry page. Poor guy had no idea what he was getting into! And I had no idea that I had that many finished projects. I did, but I didn't -- I mean, wow, that was a ton of knitting stacked up and teetering in my arms as I navigated down the stairs, not tripping over Gunnar, despite his best efforts otherwise.

This, for a wee bit of eye candy, is a project in waiting, courtesy of JudyA., one of my favorite enablers, i mean friends. Sometimes she's content to whisper "You absolutely need that" from the sidelines, sometimes she slips the goods right into my hands:

I found out tonight that my favorite trail horse will very likely be for sale later this year. I already have the saddle for him, so what choice do I have? Right?

OK. So the argument needs a little work.

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