Sunday, January 20, 2008

Why, Alice $tarmore. I Had No Idea

Well. That was unpleasant.

I just rrrripped nearly 30 rows out of my Rowan cable sweater after noticing that one set of crosses had two too many rows. Maybe no one else would notice, but sure as you-know-what, it would be the first thing i saw every time i put it on. So out it came. Everything is back on the needles and in its proper place. No, I did not take pictures. Are you kidding?

Besides, I forgot my camera.

Earlier tonight, after my section was put to bed, I logged on to Ebay to cruise for knitting books. I about fell out of my ergonomically marginal chair. Look what it coughed up when I typed in Alice Starmore:

Aran Knitting ... $125
Pacific Coast Highway ... $195
In The Hebrides ... $198
Stillwater ... $220
Tudor Roses ... $225
Scottish Garland ... $265

Jaw not on the table yet? How's this:

The Scottish Collection ... $595

I don't own anything worth the dust that's caked on top. Except a couple of those books and I'm not saying which one(s).

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