Wednesday, January 9, 2008

How difficult can it be?

Did you hear that banging sound the other night -- like wood on wood? It was just my head against the wall after trying to figure out how to fire up a 'hot' button on the blog. For now, just admire the little images as the art objects they are. Now accepting all advice, by the way ...

Where technology closes one window, surely knitting will open another. (I haven't been watching Sound of Music again, honest!) Introducing my latest Work In Progress: a scarf out of Arctic Lace. The pattern? Skeleton. The yarn? About 300 delicious yards from Wild Geese Fibres that I bought, courtesy of the previously mentioned enabler, JudyA.:

Look! Are those columns of double eyelet? Why yes, I believe they are:

I'm thinking that the yarn will be well-suited for this. I'll let you know, but it'll probably be a while. By the way, there's a hint of blue in the yarn that my daughter's camera didn't capture. In the meantime, there's the Jo Sharp vest -- a k a the stockinette ocean -- to work on. Actually, it's the perfect thing to pick up early in the morning when I get up to see the girls off to school and don't want to wake up so much that I can't go back to sleep again.

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