Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Blueberry Festival!

Yes, it was nearly two weeks ago already, but the Blueberry Festival was, as always great fun. And, this year the weather was perfect! No, really: 72 degrees, a breeze -- which made it a breeze, in fact, to navigate the aisles and tents and elbows and strollers.* It was a short trip this year, though, because Mom got sick in the afternoon! So, we packed up and headed back to the Cities. Happily, it was nothing serious and, happily, she was fine all that Saturday morning, so we were able to scope out most of the fun. I tried not to squeal and hop around like a little kid when we found the booth for Levandowski Pottery. I. Love. Their. Work. Talk about stash-building! Suffice it to say that they double-bagged my purchase(s).

I also ran into Anna Shallman, who I first met at one of the Sisu retreats. Anna is so cool -- talk with her for two minutes and it becomes clear why. In addition to working for Raven Productions, which promotes regional authors, she's a knitter of course, and does Navajo weaving and something called Huichol beading. I think it translates roughly as "make beautiful things, but go blind at an early age." Look at this:

The skull is covered solid with tiny white beads. The original photo is fabulous. Anyway, we didn't have much time to catch up on local gossip or other juicy bits, but we did check up on what the other is knitting these days. Because I cut the trip short, I didn't get to drop in at Sisu to see Susan, but I'll be back.

** Have you seen some of these things lately? Bulbous and overwrought hardly begin to describe the roadhogs that babies get packed around in these days. So help me, I even saw one with cupholders! I could not possibly make that up.

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