Saturday, August 16, 2008

Hmmm, a hit or a miss?

What with the arrival of a girl-flavored baby for one of the copy editors, I finally had a reason to make a pair of those adorable Saartje's booties from Ravelry. It was just a pure giggle to spend a couple of hours on the back step yesterday, knitting these little cuties. I didn't think the straps were quite long enough, so this was my solution:

I also have some little dragonfly buttons, but the shank was too long to allow for a snap. My questions are these:

1) Do the mice work?
2) Are they nice enough for a gift?
3) Are they passable for my 'projects' page on Ravelry?


woolyjooly said...

are you kiddin' me?? they are adorable--mice buttons are perfect for booties(infant is not likely to put them in mouth).

Pamela M. Miller said...

Those are the most beautiful wee little booties ever made! You are so talented!

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