Wednesday, January 14, 2009

No Knitting, We Have Guests

Well, less knitting, anyway. We're dogsitting this week for Barb T., who is on a cruise in the Carribbean. Suppose she misses us? Me, either.

This is Cinder. She has a pink bow in her hair. It holds her brain in:

This is Tuxedo, a k a Tuxie, her foster chihuahua. He is shy at first and then loves you with abandon. He whimpers at the door when favorite child No. 1 leaves for school.

He's better at sitting still, so I have more pictures of him. The blue sweater gets washed alot because we forget to fold it out of the way when he dashes out into the yard.

It was entertaining to watch Riley and Gunnar try to figure out what had arrived — they kept hoping 'toys.' The novelty quickly wore off:

It has been a difficult week for Clover. Being superior and acting offended must take alot out of a cat when he has to spread it four ways. The picture notwithstanding, this was a very funny moment yesterday. With all four dogs strewn down the hallway, he sat in the door for a full two minutes

before making a run for it. I think he was steamed that none of them noticed.

Who needs TV?

1 comment:

Pamela M. Miller said...

What delightful dog stories and photos! Love the chihuahua sweater especially.

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