Tuesday, May 20, 2008

If I Only Had a Brain ...

The scarecrow has nothing on me. It was about two weeks ago when I nearly sprained my elbow patting myself on the back for finishing this:

and for starting the other one right away. At the shop several days ago, I held it up kinda where it will sit and ... it was TOO SHORT! I am 6 feet tall — everything is too short, and I know to add an inch or two. What was I thinking? Thank you, Jean, for ripping it back:

Sigh. I was, of course, annoyed at the sleeve, so it spent several days in time out. It's still there in fact, while I plug away on the other one. I was so annoyed, in fact, that I spent the next night in the basement. Not sulking, really, but turning this (eeee-yew ...):

... back into this:

Much better. God bless Leather Therapy. Pepper might not notice, but the Barbs and I sure will.

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