Monday, January 9, 2012

She Likes It. She Really Likes It!*

This book -- its patterns range from fabulous to you-can't-be-serious -- has been keeping me company for maybe a year, stacked next to The Knitting Chair. So, with the Christmas clock ticking and finding myself a gift short, it was time to get crackin'. I'd seen the "Buttoned Up" knit in some Baby Alpaca Grande Handpaint, and who was I to quibble? Imitation being the best form of flattery -- or lazy thinking, take your pick. I'll own it -- I did the same, but at least struck out and used college girl pink. What a yummy way to spend a couple of evenings! It's nice, nice yarn, so wonderful in the hands and around the neck, I'll be making one for myself, in the burgundy/brown colors.

Consumer tip: The pattern called for a 10.5 needle, but I found it a bit loose, especially after blocking. Will definitely try a 10 the next time.

Consumer tip redux: If your local shop does not have the book any more, it is available here. But please ask at your shop first.

It looked a little limp and sorry as she unwrapped it, so it was amusing to watch her put on her game face and a robo-smile. But it looks pretty genuine now!

* apologies to Sally Field -- OK, not really

1 comment:

woolyjooly said...

Tremendous style and colors! And a gorgeous model, too. Aren't cowls the perfect, satisfying quick knit?? I've made a couple for friends & relies recently, too. Knit on, Ruth.

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