Wednesday, December 28, 2011

He's a Sweet Kitty

I found a couple of pictures of BoingBoing in my phone the other day. They were taken in the last few months, I couldn't really say when. But I like them, so here they are.

He can be an imp, but he's the sweetest thing since honey. He purrs and squeaks, but doesn't meow, howl or any other usual cat sounds. His best friend is Henry -- they wrestle and chase and ambush each other, it's pretty funny. I only break things up when the dog drags Kitten by the tail.

Yes, he has an odd name. Nothing really seemed to fit, and we didn't want to keep "Lucy" after we confirmed the boy bits. He was spring-loaded when he was small, which is how we got his name. These days, ballast issues may prompt me to change it -- to Thud.

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