Saturday, September 11, 2010

A Couple of Takes on the Day

As far as I know, our local fire department didn't get much attention from the media today, but they were a class act, unlike some others this week— cough that fruit loop in Florida cough. There was nothing ostentatious, no phony piety, no reporters camped out. The crew simply parked one of their trucks on the highway bridge, manned it all day (as in from early in the morning) and flew the flag from their cherry picker, which was fully extended. Whose motives were more genuine?

I don't always care for The Onion, but it clearly has some highly placed sources: They reprinted an interview with God, and wrangled an update on the hijackers. Searingly brilliant.

Of course, the sacrifice that began nine years ago is nowhere near finished. That is what I think we should remember. I wish I could say it as wonderfully as this clip does:

1 comment:

Astri said...

Hi Ruth --

Thanks for sharing the video and for reminding us about those that truly have sacrificed the most the last 9 years.

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