Sunday, August 1, 2010

Suggestions, Please

I stopped in at Amazing Threads a couple of weeks ago. The fall Debbie Bliss magazine wasn't there yet, but this was:

Trabajos del Peru
from Plymouth Yarns. 4 st/inch on a size 9. It rode around in the truck with me for several days, but never once told me what it wants to be. Feel free to help out.


woolyjooly said...

just 2 skeins? or do you have more? Something in the hat genre perhaps.

Steph said...

How about a pair of textured mittens with a good sized cuff--one you could roll back, perhpas done in reverse stockinette to give it a little more definition and help it get noticed. I will see if I can find an example with the mitten done in a single color of Cocoon and the cuff in a variegated, nubby yarn. They were simple, stylish and made me want to leave them on, even in 90 degrees this summer.

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