Wednesday, May 5, 2010

A Wee F.O.

I might not believe it either, had I not witnessed the whole thing: A knitting project, made for the season* in time for the season:

It looks good with jeans, over a white blouse as well, so it might stay in the closet all year — after it's done at the shop, where it will be spending the summer.

Tech talk, if you're curious:
The pattern is from the Easy Breezy summer booklet from Nashua Yarns.
Size large
3 skeins of Creative Focus Linen
size 6 needles

Now. What to do about the ongoing crush on this:

which is from this booklet. It seems odd that I haven't seen the yarn in many shops. Is there something I should know?

Get this. I think that this pet bed would be fun to make. Size 50 (!!) needles would be a challenge for these ache-y hands, but the staggering factor is the yarn: Bagsmith Big Stitch, sold by the "bump." Check the price! I feel a different yarn coming on.

*Not today, though -- I half expect Dorothy to blow by the window. And her little dog, too.

1 comment:

woolyjooly said...

I think Dorothy just blew by . . 45 mph gusts down here in Steele Co. I like that cardigan (perfect for you!) - wish they'd show the front size. Happy Mosther's Day to you, Ruth!
(p.s. I'll be missing the dog trials and all the fiber at Shepherd's Harvest this year. You?)

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