Sunday, July 26, 2009

Too Many Projects?

Celtic Memory talked about this in one of her last posts, that the hangover had arrived after (over?)indulging in startitis. If she's like me, she perhaps had reached that point of too many projects, not enough time and if you work on this one, it means you can't work on that one, but maybe you should be working on this other one, in this basket.

If this has never happened to you, a) I'm not sure I believe you, b) but actually, I admire your discipline and dedication; nevertheless c) you might have to offer some verification.

Unlike Celtic Memory, I am not pledging in front of God and the entire Internet to finish all of them before starting another, but I will lay them out and show them for who they are:

First, the Lopi sweater, begun for David this spring. The back is now an inch or so from being done. The poufy crease betrays where it's been folded for the last month or so:

This nondescript clump is going to be this duster, made with Tahki's Quartz, a linen blend. Mine will fit a bit looser and will be left open. This photo picked up a greenish cast — who knows why — the color is similar to honey or straw:

Tah-dah! This is the body of the Gaelic Mist; I've just finished the cable portion, and knocked off part of another row while waiting for these pictures to load.

This bring-along project is the best use I've seen for sock yarn (says the non-sock knitter). It's a skein of Chugiak, a tightly twisted merino from Pagewood Farm. They call it ArmyGirl, but I call it every color of apple that you've ever seen. The colors are so fun! And this pattern is a perfect indulgence. Gotta pay attention, though, with all those YOs.

When I want something soft, soft in my hands, there is this:

The Sugar Jacket, from Marianne Isager's book, Classic Knits. There is not a clunker in this book, and is worth having for that reason. With the size 2s, the garter stitch is saving the day. Can't quite see the colors here, either. I'm using two shades of yellow-green that are just a tick apart. The plan is to make it for the shop. I'd best get crackin'.

But, there is this little diversion:

Meet BoingBoing. He's very busy, except when he's crashed and having a growth spurt. Clover, the grumpy old kitty, has another name for him, but I can't print it here.


LaurieM said...

I had one project that took me five years to finish. Ever since then, I don't care how many projects I have on the needles. I'm confident I'll get around to it in my own good time....

woolyjooly said...

I just bought the Isager book - you're right, not a clunker among them. What yarn are you using for the Sugar Jacket? Lovely!

Pamela M. Miller said...

Wow, those are BEAUTIFUL creations! Can't figger out when you get time to knit such beautiful things with your busy life, but I'm glad you do.

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