Monday, April 6, 2009

Some Lopi Love

Well, here I go again. Another a) cabled b) sweater. It isn't my fault! Whoever gave me the gift card that I've been carrying in my wallet — and they know who they are! — share the guilt. Luckily for one of them, he will also get the sweater. It's an old Lopi pattern from Reynolds. I'm not the only one who likes it; it's also in the Best of Lopi, which in addition to a big ol' juicy TYPO in some display type (not that I noticed), has some lovely things in it.

Knitting notes: There are a couple of errors in the pattern which are easy to sort out. Also, since no one in my house needs to be grabbed around the rear, I skipped the size 9 needles for the ribbing and went straight for the 10.5s. Hang on, I'll show you. I seem to be dogged by some technical difficulties:

There. That's better. Lopi is hardy stuff!

1 comment:

Pamela M. Miller said...

It seems like some of those dogs' lovely hair would get knitted into this lovely sweater, making it even lovelier?

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