Friday, March 27, 2009

A Recount of My Very Own

Al Franken and Norm Coleman have nothing on me. I, too, have been counting and counting until I get the result I want. In my case, 298 stitches to set up the body of my Gaelic Mist sweater. Who thought it would be such an ordeal — their situation or mine — to get the necessary number. Unlike them, however, I seem to have gotten on with things:

I was knitting merrily away when I got distracted by a ... book: "The Beach Street Knitting Society and Yarn Club." Unlike others I've read that have knitters as main characters, it's, um, novel, in that neither the characters nor their conversations are wooden and might even border on realistic. They're certainly likeable. The bonus is that the reader does not have to be a knitting knerd to enjoy it (But you do get extra credit if you can identify the yarn and needles on the cover).

This video is making the rounds. Most certainly enhanced in places, but it's worth the work of slogging through this post:

1 comment:

woolyjooly said...

Your gaelic mist looks divine--the most lovely color of caramel/toast/coffee . . which wool is it? Loved the Extreme Shepherding video. OMG TOOOOO funny. Good afternoon dear Ruth!

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