Monday, September 1, 2008

Go away, you aren't wanted here

It's news to no one that the Republican National Convention is in town, as well as everything that comes with it: the traffic, the barricades, the general hoo-haa and, of course, protesters. Most are genuinely peaceful, here to express their views and try to apply some pressure to those inside the Xcel Center. By all means, welcome to the Twin Cities.

The problem is those who are here only to make trouble, and then whine and cry abuse when hatefulness, thuggery and vandalism is met with pepper spray and handcuffs. What kind of constructive change do they hope to exact by shoving a Dumpster into an occupied police car?

Or by smashing the windows of another squad car?

Or by blocking traffic and pouring bent nails all over an intersection?

Or by ducking away from an organized, well-behaved demonstration to smash store and bank windows?

Or by throwing garbage cans and kiosks into the road?

Go home. Do something constructive -- like get a job.

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