Tuesday, July 15, 2008

They just kept on winning!

Let this be a lesson, example no. 1,267,834: Don't count on a team to win -- or lose! Laurel had a softball tournament this past weekend. No one, not even on her team, expected them to go very far. Saturday morning's first game displayed every indication why. But then, they won the second game. And then the third game. Here's Laurel's homer:

Check out the girl on deck. I wonder what was she flinching for?

Come Sunday morning, citing unanticipated softball victories, I withdrew from an afternoon lace class, then drove to the ballpark for victories four and five. It wasn't until the sixth game, late Sunday morning, that fate, karma, whatever, threw in the towel. Mercifully, it was over in five innings. By my side? Youbetcha:

Remember the movie Cast Away, when Tom Hanks finds the volleyball and names him Wilson? This thing has become my Wilson. In addition to the softball tournament, it also came along to the horse show in Mason City -- we had a lovely time chatting with the other moms in the laundromat while we washed show pads and breeches. At home, it's on the bed, in case I can stay awake long enough at night to work a couple of rows.

You might also notice it here:

Lounging on the sidewalk between a pair of suspicious characters, caught knitting outside Saturday evening after the coffee shop closed! A squad car drove by at one point, but we must've looked fairly harmless -- he smiled and nodded as he trolled past. I can happily report that 'Wilson' is but a shadow of his former self: the body is done, the collar is nearly done and we're turning our attention to the sleeves. The fit? O ja. Much better.

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Terri said...

Your girls are so lucky that you take part in their lives. Sure now and then they probably want you to disappear, but when they are older they will have memories of you being at their games and shows.

I will be careful now when I go by the coffeshop. You just never know who is lurking.

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