Monday, April 28, 2008

A (Very) Crisp Game of Softball

Weather whining, part two: We are two weeks away from the last frost date of the season, and what did we wear to Laurel's softball game tonight? Heavy coats, mittens and blankets. What did the players wear?

Laurel insisted that she wasn't cold out there on the mound -- I can't imagine how she had enough grip in her hands to hold on to the ball, let alone pitch it. She had a good game, so we'll take it. Unfortunately, the score didn't reflect that, but the season is just getting going -- maybe I should say thawing out -- I do hope the team can develop another pitcher. Right now, Laurel is carrying the load. She's a strong player, but she shouldn't have to be a machine.

Keep throwing the heat, punkin. You're great!

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