Sunday, April 6, 2008

Odds & Ends

The little yarn shop in Anoka closed its doors yesterday. While the very friendly owner emphasized that she is not going out of business, that's she's going to try a different approach to selling her yarn, it still hurts my heart to see it -- or any small store -- go dark. It was sunny, charming,* well-stocked and everything else such a shop should be. I got a terrific deal on some Nature Wool — gray, naturally — and on a couple of patterns. I think the yarn is destined to become this or maybe this — with a collar, not a hood. Momma doesn't do hoods.

I haven't been doing much knitting, thanks to a monster case of sore hands. EEK! The last thing I need is carpal tunnel. Not that I haven't been reading about knitting, of course. I started "The Friday Night Knitting Club," soon to be a movie, from what I hear. More than one of the snippet reviews in the book — a cheap-o copy from Target — compare it to "Steel Magnolias," so we'll see.

Meredith has been ill for a couple of weeks. I'm so glad to see her get her mojo back! Tomorrow will be her first day back to school. I love you, Sweetpea!

*I aspire to be described as sunny and charming someday ...

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woolyjooly said...

So sorry Meredith has been sick. Why are your hands sore? I started and decided not to finish "Friday Night Knitting Club" - someone on reviewed it; I was a couple of chapters in and decided to give the book away. Sad about the Anoka yarn shop--I never got to visit!

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