Sunday, January 23, 2011

It's Finally Looking Like a Sweater

Word on the street is that Christmas, New Year's and MLK Day have all come and gone. Which is too bad, because this was supposed to have been finished long before the holidays:

Considering that the front and the collar — which is pretty darn thick, and might have to be simplified — didn't exist four weeks ago and that no vacation time taken to work on it, it's come a long way. It's far enough along now that we've entered the dark time:

Yes, the sleeves. The nice thing about Lopi is that it knits up fast. The nice thing about this pattern is that it doesn't take long and it's obvious what's coming: right cross, left cross, cha-cha-cha. The pattern is an old Reynolds single-sheet that also is in The Best of Lopi, which has many classics and — this is the editor in me, I can't help this — one big typo. On a display page, no less. Ouch.

On those days when the only thing grayer than the sweater is the January sky, I've turned to this, continuing the new-found tolerance for p*nk. It should grow up to become a pair of fingerless mitts.

The technicals: The pattern is "Echoes," purchased on Ravelry, but also available at The yarn is yummy goodness, a k a Malabrigo worsted, purchased here back in the fall.

One parting shot. Henry couldn't quite believe I wasn't trying to take his picture. I must say, the only thing key-yooter than his long nose is his long nose peeking out of his little purple coat. Woof.

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