Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Day I Made It Happen

Ever have one of those days? OK. Ever have one of those days lately? You know the ones. In the morning, things are clear to the horizon: no errands, no vet appointments, no oil changes. Nothing until 3:30. Plenty of time to cast on and get going on something fun and new.

So ... how did it get to be 7:30 tonight before I could sit down and pick up the needles. And not even start the new project? Not complaining, just diverted to the seed stitch portion of something else, some stealth knitting during the band concert. (CRHS bands are terrific, by the way. Especially the symphonic band. Especially the oboe player in the symphonic band who played a solo)

Fast forward three hours. Dogs fed, cat fed, late dinner simmering, that new project back on the radar. Started casting on and — wait for it — the lights went out. (Really now. How could I make that up?) Dinner got cold, but I was not to be denied:

Technical details: The pattern is this. The yarn is this.

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woolyjooly said...

Oh gosh yes - I've had days like that. You should be rewarded for your persistence/tenacity, Ruth! Some windy 'system' we're enduring, eh?? We've got branches down all over our yard and block. I LOVE the J. Lesar cable mittens you're embarking on. Bring the project to HWKW Nov. 12-14 at my house. (maybe you'll be wearing them?)

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