Monday, December 14, 2009

It Is (Way Past) Time

In the words of the great Rafiki, it is time — to finish a couple of things that have been hanging around a bit too long. As much as I love the Isager sweater,

and it's coming along nicely, it's at one of those points -- about 7-8 inches up the back -- where i have to sit by the table with the book open while I work on it, so it's been set aside for just a week or so. Or three. It's difficult to find that kind of time just now. But! This is what you get when you multiply 36 stitches by 450 yards of sock yarn. Look what is finally finished, all 7-1/2 feet of it:

I don't know what happened here, but the scarf is not shaped like this. It's supposed to show how the color and pattern are nice together, not that I laid it out crooked. It looks good worn over a white blouse and jeans:

When traveling for the Thanksgiving weekend, and in the middle of two 14-hour drives (and Illinois ...), there was plenty of time to turn this:

into this:

And this:

into this (except for the felting part, natch):

One more distraction to the sweater, the excuse is that it's a Christmas gift. That odd pompon 'yarn' that is this season's lukewarm novelty? I decided it was worth 2-1/2 skeins and an evening. It's from Lana Grossa, called Ginocchi. The blue-and-brown is my crush color combo this year.

By the way, be sure to check out the new storefront for Shepherd's Choice in Anoka. The owner has changed a ratty my-junk-is-your-antiques store into a cozy, friendly shop. There is a lot of Blue Sky Alpaca, some Cascade, some of the owner's handspun and, of course, her soaps, lotions and even the fresh eggs she had out in East Bethel.

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