Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Who Needs Mice?

A certain someone has been busy. He's very clever — the crimes tend to be committed when no one is looking — and he's enlisted an accomplice, who double-dips as an accessory after the fact.

About three weeks ago:

This is a great hat from Nashua Handknits' newest magazine. I used Kid Silk Aura (one skein of each and several additional repeats, all on size 8s, for those who might be inclined). This hole reveals a hole in my knitting skills (what? another one?) Um, would anyone be willing to fix it for me?

Two weeks ago Friday. Another hat, this one out of the Creative Focus Kid Mohair:

It was a mess, but the stubborn in me wouldn't quit picking and pulling and untwisting. With a little, um, doggedness, I knit, untangled, knit, untangled and viola! no yarn was broken in the salvaging of this fuzzy project (which is waiting for the decreases and it, too, will be finished).

I was ironing a blouse one day last week when I heard the sound of merrymaking. Someone had taken advantage of a bag of Silkroad DK:

Who is that little dark spot in the upper right? Perhaps he knows something. All of it had been in bags, safely — or so it seemed — out of danger. Silly me. It's all rewound and, while it might never be the same again, it is now suspended from the ceiling.

OK, it's just in the basement.

1 comment:

Teena in Toronto said...

My tabby would totally do that!

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