Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Officially on Vacation

At last. Out of the office for 10 wonderful days. Not only do I get to go out of town, but I get to go here and here as a chaperone on the high school band trip with one of my favorite children. I wish my other favorite child could go, too.

The leading contender for bring-along knitting is this slog:

It's the front edge and collar of my Jo Sharp vest, which will run from the bottom of one edge up and around to the bottom edge of the other side as one (very) long piece. It's a lovely vest, but I gotta say that K1, P1 ribbing gets, um, old. Nevertheless, it will fit nicely into my carryaround bag, so it's coming along. I have these two phrases taped inside my journal:

Existuje přízového shop blízkosti? (Czech)
Gibt es ein Garn-Shop in der Nähe? (German)

I'm leaving room in my suitcase in case the answer is yes. :-)

In the interest of testing my new camera batteries, I intruded on two of my favorite subjects. They're so handsome, even when they're snoring. And I love the afternoon light in the hallway:

We leave Friday night for a packed eight days. I can hardly wait!

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