Sunday, February 24, 2008

Hay! Where's My Dinner?

Sorry. I had to do it. Maybe I was giddy with the heat (40 degrees! Notice the naked horse ...) but with an expression like that -- sorry, Beau! -- how could I resist? He heard me talking and came to the door of his stall. Yes, I had a treat. One of those nasty, yummy ones that turn their lips orange. He sucks his down so fast, though, it rarely happens to him.

One of the fun things about having a Sunday off, in addition to the fact of having a Sunday off, is that I get to go the barn and watch the girls take their lesson and to take silly pictures. I brought the Rowan cable sweater along, multi-tasker that I am! Progress was minimal -- guess why:

At home later, I attached the pockets and knit up a couple of inches. It vaguely reminds me of one of those electronic Tamagotchi creatures:

I couldn't spend my whole evening knitting, of course. I also was Carleton the Doorman.

At least he asks nicely:

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